Green Energy for a Green Future

Ontario in recent years has progressed in clean energy


Not only bringing online new megawatts of energy every year and creating jobs, but also ensuring cleaner air by replacing dirty coal powered energy with clean energy. Ontario’s evolution into North America’s clean energy leader is largely due to the Green Energy Act, which has so far created 13,000 jobs across Ontario and will end up creating 50,000 jobs. The creation of a vibrant green energy sector employing thousands is not only creating the modernization of Ontario’s energy system, but modernizing Ontario’s economy as well. The issue of modernizing Ontario’s economy and energy system are issues of importance to not just parents and adults, but to youth as well given that that the youth will inherit them and will benefit from jobs in Ontario’s new clean energy sector.

With that said, there are troubles on the horizon for Ontario’s green future. Ontario’s rookie PC Leader Tim Hudak stated that he would scrap the Green Energy Act and agreements with the private sector which are worth $7 billion in private sector investment. Hudak is playing fast and loose with the health, economic future and jobs of Ontario families, saying he would scrap an agreement which creates 16,000 jobs and 2,500 megawatts of green energy all without reading the contract. Having gone through pink slips and firings at the hands PC governments before, our resolve should be strengthened to not allow Hudak and the PCs to even have the chance to fire and hand out pink slips to thousands of Ontario families once again.

Jobs and a clean energy future is helping us turn the corner and helping families to succeed due to the McGuinty government programs.

Despite Ontario turning the corner, Tim Hudak wants to put Ontario in reverse by reverting back to dirty coal and killing tens of thousands of Ontario jobs.  As someone with an asthmatic family member I’ve seen first hand the detrimental effects that the use of dirty coal can have on one’s health; cleaner air is not just a preference, it’s a necessity.  The McGuinty Liberal government is creating a clean energy future which is fostering jobs and growth, but the duration of this job creating clean energy future will be determined on October 6th.

Wesley Cohen

Ontario Young Liberals Riding Director

Author: OYL,